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Les Enfant Terribles

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GO AWAY! [May. 11th, 2004|04:30 am]
Les Enfant Terribles
Hey, i don't actually write in this thing. So if u're looking for something to read, not here. sorry. no dice. However, i do enjoy looking and posting in group forums. So add me to your AIM buddy list and i will definetly talk to u. Add me to your LJ friends list, and...well, nothing.
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Average day.... [Jul. 24th, 2003|09:42 pm]
Les Enfant Terribles
So i woke up today, and my mom was hogging all the covers, she always gets cold when she sleeps naked. At work i was moving in a tent for these stupid rich people, i had to go down like a billion steps with huge pipes in the searing sunm, it sucked. So to get back at these people i killed one of their dirty mexican gardiners and threw him in the pool, i kept hitting him in the head with a big steal pipe, one of the 8 footers, he kept shouting "tacos! barritos!" or someting like that, i don't really know casue i don't speek mexican.

When i was comming home this dirty jew was in front of me at the light just ouside of work, the light was green, but was he going, NOOOO he was on his cell phone. I missed the light casue of him, so i followed him home and just to be funny i blocked all the exits and set his house on fire, oh man, there's nothing like burning some jews.

I had some food, and sinse i got home so late, didn't bother with a shower even though i'm pretty gross from working and the sunscrean, which never works! does any one else have the problem where they put it on day after day and u still get burned, that really burns me up, hehe. I still can't find my freakin expensive flip flops , and i'm going away to camp in a couple days. I'd better be able to find them, or else i'm going ot have to stab another asain baby in the head! Asain babys are the cutest, everyone should own have one. And before long they'll be able to do your taxes for u, they never cease to amaze.

I'm gonna see that one girl tonight, things better go better, or i don't think i'm gonna be talking to her anymore. Most people don't seem to bother me cause i'm easy going, but sometimes theres a person who just pushes my buttons. Maybe its cause i only see her when i've been awake and tired for way to long, hmmmmm we'll see.
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2003|08:02 pm]
Les Enfant Terribles
This is my first entry, WOO. It was very hot today... i'm still stitting around in my underwear... playing my guitar. No one is home when i want to go see a movie.
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